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Model: Cherrytorn (shooted: September 29, 2006)


With bright pink hair and dress, Cherrytorn finds herself locked into a dentist chair. PD applies a dental gag and pokes the tender skin of her gums, tongue, and pussy.

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With her knees strapped wide, she begs to come, the horny girl. Afterward, PD bags her in burlap. As night comes, she finds herself shackled in a cage with the Pear inside her cunt. Watch locked in a cavert Cherrytorn making sounds of distress during several hours of a pure bondage extasy only at Infernal Restraints!

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He lowers her, cage and all, into a dark metal box and closes the lid. We hear her moans as though shes far away, beyond rescue. Lost in suffocating darkness. Click here for watching what it looks like to be transformed into a squirting bondage slut by tens of different steel restraints!