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fun favorite Kendra James 

Kendra James


“7/31/06 I hope Kendra sees this. Kendra your a very hot redhead who knows how to take some water dunking and a big dildo over a barrel. Your so cute, pretty face tight body. Cum back for more waterbondage please. Your friend Ken”

Read the last opinions about Kendra James:

*  I wonder if Kendra actually read this!? :O
*  Kendra you are so amazingly sexy. Please pleaes please come on men in pain again.
*  I dont know what it is about Kendra, but I think she is beautiful, and I love her smile. I think she would be wonderful to make love to. Not your typical attitude here, but I dont care. I love sex, but Kendra inspires more than just hormones
*  Hi! Kendra another admirer of yours you are to good to resist plz do make a reply as soon as you can .
my email add :senbabu100@rediffmail.com
shubhadip sen
*  Like to see Kendra in more Domme roles!

Recent Kendra James' galleries:

hard tied girlHelpless Kendra submists to the ropes

12 photos

Go ahead. Gorge yourself. Kendra James third article is a bondage extravaganza. Tied up, strapped down, or locked in heavy chain and shackles, Kendras whipped, fucked, and vibrated. The flesh of her pussy quivers with excitement and distress. Her cunt drools. Her orgasms come in bursts. Something like a cluster bomb.

lesbian bondageKendra ia a Pro-Domme...or at least she thinks she is

6 video clips

Kendra ia a Pro-Domme...or at least she thinks she is. Chanta has been receiving complaints from clients that Kendra isn't giving them what they want so she decides to give Kendra some hands on training. Strict bondage, hard fucking and lots of clamps and electro-play put Kendra in her place....

Sassy redhead Kendra James giving her head in the totally handmade torture...Sassy redhead Kendra James giving her head in the totally handmade torture...

1 video clip

Shackled to a metal bed, her thick steel collar digs into her perfect chin. Her pretty pastel panties, scalloped at the edge, are glimpsed in the shadows between her thighs. And as he tickles and canes her, two tortures simultaneously, its clear. The primacy of Her in his mind. A fucking machine is raised into position. Embedded...

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Infernal Restraints Updates
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Take a look at bondage shoot with a hot BDSM model Kendra James, uploaded Mar. 30, 2007. Original homemade restraints and torture devices applied to sexy female models - that is device bondage site #1 is all about! Each scene has a different set of elaborate instruments of severe bondage. Each model is pushed to her final limits. Each update is something new.
Chanta's Bitches Updates
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Take a look at lezdom shoot with a hot bondage model Kendra James, shooted Apr. 28, 2006. If you're into lesbian domination fetish then you have to give Chanta's Bitches a try. ChantasBitches.com is one hell of a site featuring one hell of a gorgeous and talented femdom that any submissive would fall to their knees for.
Hardtied Updates
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Welcome to review bondage update with a hot BDSM model Kendra James, uploaded Aug. 23, 2006. Hard Tied is a bondage site that specializes in the niche of ropes and more specifically, their apparent use in restricting the movement of alternative sluts. It offers a huge collection of exclusive bondage videos and fetish images where sexy and naughty babes show us their other side.



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