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hot bondage models: Jewel 



“from tampa,fla...saw water bondage first, then hogtied and the rest...must stay your facial expressions are intense...Im curiuos...that long white device with the bulb on the end that the dom keeps using on your end...is that a vibration device or some fo”

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*  Would love to see you in the gyno room with Cowgirl and Kym. Given a full internal exam, with heavy breast suction. Then in kneeling (doggy) postiton with clit suction and electro stim. With your big buttocks spread and raised the girls could then pump th
*  Love the titty suction. Nice feet--toe bondage?
*  I am a MATURE EXPERIENCED single male from New Jersey who would love many all nighters with you--will settle for less and fantasies --Please allow me to see more photos email me your addy please
*  Now I have known the real meaning of feminity ;) U have great feet also, do u think about make a movie for ur cute feet :) mean ur soles whipped or caned hard while them tied side by side up in the air (bastinadoed) it will make u taste real pain sweetie
*  ...eir gloved hands into your cunt and arsehole. Only then may you cum!
*  I saw your pictures two years ago, and i can not forget you. You made me understand what bondage is. you looked lovely all tied and i hope to see more of you. Greetings from mexico.
*  Jewell you're a chubby dirty pig. you need a tough punishment for being a real bad girl.
*  please breang her back.She is so sweet in bondage
*  WOW!!!!!!!UW pic is simply great!!!
*  The things that I could do to you

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Water BondageChained blonde submersion in fish tank

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The last time anyone saw Jewel's pussy was 3 years ago.

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WaterBondage Updates
update found
Take a look at bondage update with hot bondage models Blaze, Jewel, uploaded Nov. 26, 2004. Sexy slaves are bound and dunked into fish tanks. Watch how bound women struggle as the water rises! Forced water-orgasms and a lot of happy wet babes!



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