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hot BDSM women: Hailey Young 

Hailey Young


“I loved your performance. Your performance of a straight girl forced into lesbian sex was AWESOME!!! I would really enjoy seeing more of it.”

Read the last opinions about Hailey Young:

*  Powerful sessions, a lady i would enjoy in my dungeon sometime.
*  May I say I hope that all works out for you and I wish yout the very best. I liked your shoot and hope to see you again. I wish you well

Recent Hailey Young's galleries:

rough bondageHailey Faces Over Stimulation

16 images + 1 clip

The pain of being over vibrated is something that most men do not understand. Hailey Young, to them, just looks like she is complaining about a good time. What they don't understand is exactly how much agony she is in, or why. Sure, the stimulation feels great at first. She may even get an orgasm or two out of it...

Hailey Young in IsolationHailey Young in Isolation

15 pics + 1 video

Hailey Young just had in incredible string of orgasms and needed to have her traditional post-cum cigarette. She probably should have waited until we were done with her because if she thought that her cunt was throbbing before it is nothing compared to what we have in store for her...

Device BondageBabes immobilized by bondage devices

16 pics

Ariel Alexus begins her test with her head locked inside a steel sensory deprivation sphere. Hailey's neck and wrists are trapped in a spreader bar and her nose is clamped and attached to a weight in front of her, forcing her to keep her body in a humiliating squat.

hard bondageHailey Starts to Panic

16 images + 1 clip

Hailey Young is the kind of girl who panics when she realizes she has no control over her situation. The knowledge that she is helpless comes with a growing anxiety until it is all she can do to hold herself together. That is during the best of times. This is anything but. With PD so eagerly preying upon her fears Hailey is...

Bondage NaturalLeggy cutie braving hogtied bondage

16 pics

Tall, sleek, leggy, and sexy is the best way to describe beautiful newcomer Hailey Young.This is her first hardcore bondage experience.Hailey is a bondage natural who shattered your expectations of newbie!

Hailey Young is a Sexual AthleteHailey Young is a Sexual Athlete


If there is one thing Hailey Young was put on the planet to do, it is suck dick. She is a cock sucking champ that can suck circles around most porn stars that grace the Sexuallybroken stage. Let's celebrate that skill by making her wear our balls as a hat!Hailey is a sexual athlete...

girl bound hardHailey in the Dark

16 images + 1 clip

Hailey Young cannot even see what is coming. She hears the steps around her but she has no idea who they belong to. Her masked assailant enthusiastically violates her body. A body that was supposed to be reserved for PD. She made no serious effort to stop him...

Where to find hot bondage model Hailey Young:

Hogtied Updates
update found
Go instantly to bondage shoot with a hot fetish model Hailey Young, released Nov. 22, 2005. Hundreds of masochistic slavegirls are bound and spanked to please. Writhing in tight bondage is their natural slavery dream.
Device Bondage Updates
update found
Go instantly to bondage shoot with hot fetish models Hailey Young, Ariel Alexus, filmed Mar. 23, 2007. Bound in metal attractive girls having sex with dildos, as well as safe electro play at the same time! Watch girls are gagged, bound and helpless while restrained by devices.
Infernal Restraints Updates
update found
Take a look at bondage shoot with fun favorite Hailey Young, uploaded Jul. 22, 2011. Original homemade restraints and torture devices applied to sexy female models - that is device bondage site #1 is all about! Each scene has a different set of elaborate instruments of severe bondage. Each model is pushed to her final limits. Each update is something new.



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