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hot bondage model Cowgirl 



“Cowgirl , YOu are the hottest. Seeing you with the fucksall was the best thing I have see anyone do. I would kill to see it live.”

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*  Thanks for all the good work Cowgirl did. You seem a very nice person, and of course I would like you back (the little egoism) but I hope you have a good and rich life, you deserve it!
*  Cowgirl on hogtied again? This is either a fata morgana or a beautiful surprise! I am desperately praying for the latter.
*  Love your work at Insex, Cowgirl - you can certainly take a lot. Your sessions give me a lot of ideas for tormenting my girl who loves bondage and torment and sorta looks a lot like you.
*  Cowgirl you are the sexiest woman I have ever seen. I think I love you.
*  Cowgirl you are a great foot model. You have great arches and foot strength. Your arches hardly get dirty and even the outer edge of your
foot stays clean ! Excellent foot strength when you sit, kneeling, on
the balls of your feet and your toes bent fo

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Countryside BondageRoped cowgirl suspensions on a tree

16 pics

Cowgirl is taken out to the countryside for some more outdoors bondage. First she is bound to a convenient tree, then she is ordered to pull cart around the garden.

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Hogtied Updates
update found
Go instantly to bondage shoot with fun favorite Cowgirl, uploaded Aug. 16, 2002. This website is full of gagged, bound, and helpless beauties that struggle against the ropes in inescapable bondage and forced to screaming orgasm again and again.



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