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hot BDSM model Britney Stevens 

Britney Stevens


“I would love to see Britney dommed by Berlin or Harmony on CB”

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*  hey brittany you look hott. i want to fuck you. i want to fill your vagina with my cum and make you hold it in. then i want to cum in your butthole and suck it out again
*  Brittney is a true natural slave girl, who really loves being fucked, whipped, ruffed up and being in pain . The best part is the spitting, thou . I am a sucker for body fluids, that was the hottest and most natural sex i've seen in a good while. That is a very kucke dom who can sub + fuck you. BTW TJ did a brilliant job bringing the best slutty submission out of your lovely body and face; first thought you were a couple it was so damn sexy - My rating : Too hot for porn ..LOL
*  I wish I could fuck her too, with her lovely face and mouth and those gorgeous breasts that I would like to see vibrating She has not yet been dildo-ed ?
*  lovely sub girl !! perfect for TJ to dominate ! xxx
*  I would love to fuck you. but. good mouth ass, pussy and tits

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Bondage novice proves very toughBondage novice proves very tough

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Breaking a hot girl's bondage virginity is like winning a prize. You get to witness all of her first time reactions; the anticipation, the struggle against the binds, the pleasure, the pain, the complete helplessness and of course, the surprise as her body betrays her and she cums uncontrollably while being fucked in bondage...

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Fucked & Bound Updates
update found
Take a look at maledom update with hot BDSM women Britney Stevens, TJ Cummings, uploaded May. 9, 2008. Many beautiful women would like to fulfill the "fucked and bound" fantasy. Fucked&Bound.com has is the place where they can get rope bondage, forced orgasms, experience of being ball gagged an dcumming while being fucked, facial cums, as well as hardcore bdsm play.



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