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fun favorite Bridgett Harrington 

Bridgett Harrington


“Bridgett is AWESOME. Had a blast with you at ShibariCon and hope you are feeling better now. Please give a shout out when you are able to make it to my neck of the woods in Southeast Florida :)”
Goddess Domina D

Read the last opinions about Bridgett Harrington:

*  what do u do with that?
*  Bridgett, I wish you could shock us guys in meninpain. Like you do in wiredpussy.
*  you are absoultly beautiful hunny.. i wanna be your slave so badly and get fucked by you in the ass hmm..
*  try and make me cry u big boobed biatch
wog boy
*  I saw her get her head shaverd with an electric razor at Paradise '05. She's just as stunning without hair as she is with.
*  Gorgeous woman, a true beauty.
*  I would love to be spanked to death by this beauty....
ONLY if I were not so weak...
Id have loved to fight this BEAUTY
*  a wonderful woman and a wonderful lady
*  I think it will be a honor to be dominated by this woman
*  Mistress i would love for u to pop my cherry n make me be ur slave, id love for u to fuck my ass so hard then smother me with that beautiful pussy...
*  oh my mistress i'm your slave forever, please let me kneel
before you and kiss your boot.
Bridgett Harring
*  You are stunning. I am amazed by such a beauty in bdsm. I would love to be your slave 24/7 and enjoy whatever you wish to do to me.
*  great site all pics are great

Recent Bridgett Harrington's galleries:

Roped beauty placed in suspended hogtie

16 pics

Why does Maria Shadoes was placed in a suspended hogtie? The orgasms, oh the humanity, over and over, and eyes rolling up into the head, and she begs for more, good stuff here!

Wired waitressTied waitress sudden electro stimulation

16 pics

Sasha Monet is the new waitress at Lady Bridgett's fetish club and needs to be initiated into the ways of fantasy, electroplay and submitting to her Mistresses every desire!

Sharp ShocksTied brunette petrifaction of electro-play

16 pics

Once upon a time Kendra was petrified of electro-play...that's obviously no longer the case as she willingly becomes Bridgett's electro play slut!!! She is taken on a pain and pleasure journey with many sharp shocks and drawn out orgasms!!!

Where to find hot BDSM model Bridgett Harrington:

Hogtied Updates
update found
Go instantly to bondage shoot with hot fetish models Maria Shadoes, Bridgett Harrington, Teager, filmed Mar. 5, 2004. Hundreds of masochistic slavegirls are bound and spanked to please. Writhing in tight bondage is their natural slavery dream.
Wired Pussy Updates
updates found
Take a look at bizarre shoot with fun favorite Kendra, Bridgett Harrington, shooted Apr. 29, 2004. Wired Pussy gives you chance to feel uncontrolled forced orgasms by means of wired to pussy and tits electro shockers. The girls are nice and the quality of the videos is also very good.



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