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favorite fetish model Betty Baphomet 

Betty Baphomet


“Someone messed up my question. I asked " do you have a Baphomet tattoo?", as in the demon, like the templars worshiped.”
Capt. Chris

Read the last opinions about Betty Baphomet:

*  You are gorgeous Betty, and your shoot in NYC was so hot that it has give my Mistress some terrible ideas :-) thank You
*  you are so hot and look so good
*  Great body and as I see you get teased into orgasm after orgasm I wish it could be me
Always a thrill to see
*  your tattos look so hot! You have a great body!
*  YIPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Betty is cumming back and it would be great to see her cum hard and as often as she can stand or sit or lay down. Betty you are truly hot and remarkable. any plans on getting some additional piercings to complement your gorgeou
*  Those shots in the barn were the bomb, u should get shocked and wired up in there agian soon
Sexy Cowboy
*  Great... you're beautiful, nice tattos
*  Betty, I love your shoots. I just cancelled my membership to wired pussy two days ago, I didn't know they were about to post another shoot with you! Not to worry, I will be joining again this weekend just to see you. Please come back and do many more s
*  you are one incredibly hot fetish model!! any plans on getting any piercings to compliment your beautiful tattoos? i think that piercing your nipples would only accentuate your body, maybe little silver studs in your nipples would be exquisite.
*  Dear Chris-
It is the Eye Of Horus. The Aeon of Horus began in 1904 with the writing of Liber AL vel Legis, placing power and responsibility into the hands of the individual. Thank you so much for the kind words. Be well.
Betty Baphomet
*  Dear Betty; Tell me, regarding the tattoos: is that a tattoo of the eye of Horos above your pussy? If so, what is the significance? I'd love to know!!! I just loved your shoot - you are very erotic, and you look just gorgeous naked!
*  Well thank you... You have no idea how much fun this shoot was to do! XXX
Betty Baphomet
*  your tattooed body is so hard and very especial art work(and sexi) you think in a future make more tattos in especials zones of your body?you a very beatiful woman
*  Betty, everytine time I rip an orgasum from my wifes pussy when I eat her, I fantisize that it's your pussy I am ripping it from!!!
*  Do you have a Betty Baphomet tattoo?
*  Hey Betty, you rock! Not only are you gorgeous, but you seem like a nice person as well. However, I have to admit, it was your name that immediately struck my attention. Any connection to, or interest in, the occult?

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Where to find popular BDSM porn star Betty Baphomet:

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update found
Welcome to review bondage update with bizarre pornstars Betty Baphomet, Bobbi Blair, shooted May. 26, 2005. Strict bondage and intense orgasms in water. Come see where sexy ladies are punished and pleasured with water and how they begin to scream as the water pressure rises!
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Welcome to review bizarre update with popular BDSM women Nadia Styles, Pinky Lee, Betty Baphomet, filmed May. 14, 2007. Sexy slaves are bound, shocked and forced to cum. Electric sex toys spice up hot lesbian action. If they aren't screaming from the shocks of the electricity they are begging for the orgasms to stop.



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