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popular bondage model Audrey Leigh 

Audrey Leigh


“hi there Audrey i was wondering if you would involve yourself in some tickle torture sets with nyloned or socked feet...Also, what type of socks do you wear udner knee high boots, if any Thanks Nora”

Read the last opinions about Audrey Leigh:

*  Audrey is the best looking dom/sub I have ever seen. WOW
*  Why there are no more updates of Audrey? Please Audrey if you??re reading this ask us why there are no more updates of you. Talking about meeting you i think would be imposible ;-) but let me tell you that you??re really the prettiest woman i??ve seen in my life. I think u should open a personal website. If one day you expect to travel to spain my house is yours , kisses flyaway3105@hotmail.com
*  Could it be that Audrey epitomizes what a dominatrix is??? Answer to the rhetorical introduction of Audrey and Clement.
Audrey, you are one hot intuitive woman!!!!
Happy New Year!!!!
*  tie me up and beat me cause im very bad boy you are my dream Audrey
Audrey loverrr
*  Audrey , Juliana Kincaid, you are my dream, i?d like to meet you, i love u. ?How can i contact with her? i?m fall in love with her. Sorry for my bad english ^^
*  I just have to say Mistress Audrey is the most beautiful women
i have ever seen
*  Audrey will you be in the NYC area in the near future?
strap on fan
*  That Bitch Audrey ALWAYS make my dick HARD!!...I'd fuck the shit outta her(Literally)...lol
10 brown inches
*  Do you guys realy think that a woman like Audrey is going to reply to these lame assed come ons? Come on...I'm a sub and even I can't stand your snivelling crap. She's a Goddess, and she's likely bored.
*  I have a dream. Be fucked by this woman. It??s sad to think that is very dificult or simply impossible. Audrey I tried to talk to you in one web you are suscribed, but I think you didnt like the idea... If some day you travel to spain, please e-mail me. flyaway3105@hotmail.com . You are the prettiest woman i??ve seen in my life. I have all the money to pay for a sub-session while you fuck me
*  another waterbondage scene, Audrey ? I hope you get dunked in the tank...the aquarium...you are delish !
*  She's hot. Wanna see Audrey in tight jeans;)!
*  Miss Audrey you are the best I seen in awhile. Wpuld like to get to know ya. if you want email at ironeagle2578@yahoo.com
*  Miss Audrey I belive that you are one of the sexyest women in the world, your smile, your body, the way you move, everything is hot about you I would personaly love it if you ever came to Mexico that way I would be your slave. By the way I love your work
*  i have not even seen a video clip of Audrey yet however i am already completely captivated her based on the few pictures i've seen. She appears to have a great attitude as well as a wonderful face, bod, and feet. i would love to submit to or play with h

Recent Audrey Leigh's galleries:

Intense interrogation of a slaveIntense interrogation of a slave

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Sexy Russian Nika is caught looking at confidential files in Miss Leigh's kinky clinic. Audrey wastes no time is wrestling Nika to the ground, tying her up tight and punishing her with eletro pads on her tits. Nika moans and screams but she will not reveal who she works for so she is spanked, her nipples are clamped and she...

Hotwaxed submissiveSub licking the sweat from mistress body

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Wenona is a beautiful girl, kind of shy, and very obedient...

lesbian bdsmAudrey comes to Doctor Rose with an itchy pussy

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Audrey comes to Doctor Rose with an itchy pussy. Dr. Rose holds Audrey down and begins fingering her roughly, it's time for whores like her to be taught a lesson. It becomes clear that rope is needed to restrain this feisty slut and what follows is a series of difficult bondage positions and humiliating acts. Forced orgasms,..

Whore abused by her nurseWhore abused by her nurse

6 video clips

Kristine has a problem with showing her emotions and vocalizing the experiences inflicted on her body so she is sent to the Twisted Asylum for some rehabilitation. Nurse Audrey orders her to strip and masturbate as she has her tits and pussy slapped until red. Next Kristine is hooded and renamed "Slut Bag 68". Japanese bondage...

punished and abused menMiss Audrey keeps two slaves for her enjoyment, a male and a female

6 video clips

Miss Audrey keeps two slaves for her enjoyment, a male and a female. Sometimes, when one is good they are rewarded by receiving sexual favors from the other. Audrey keeps chad's cock in a metal "u-turn" chastity device when she is away to ensure he does not get hard without her but today Audrey wants to tease his chastised cock...

Tied asianSexy asian tied with electro toy on chair in bathroom

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Audrey breaks in Dragonlily at our Las Vegas Hotel suite.

Electro stimulationTied to the sybian pussy stimulation

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Audrey wastes no time in giving an electric strap-on to Star

bitch looks for new sexual adventuresbitch looks for new sexual adventures

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After admitting that her sex life is fairly boring Megan says she wants to try something new. She thinks she will enjoy being spanked and having her hair pulled by a dominant female and is willing to hand all control over to Audrey Leigh. Slowly Megan is stripped and has clothespins placed on her tits...

Roomate revengeBeauty taking revenge on her roomate

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Sasha escapes from her bondage and seeks revenge on her roomate Audrey. She is whipped, spanked, fucked, and tied up outside and humiliated with the taste of dirty feet.

Where to find favorite lezdom porn star Audrey Leigh:

WaterBondage Updates
updates found
Welcome to review bondage shoot with lezdom porn star Audrey Leigh, shooted Aug. 20, 2004. Wet slaves-on-slave bondage sex at waterbondage. The make up is washed away...real smiles and screams of really sexy women in real bondage and really wet torment.
Whipped Ass Updates
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Take a look at femdom update with popular bondage models Kelly Wells, Audrey Leigh, released Dec. 2, 2004. WhippedAss is porn website where females dominated by the other females with rich and odd imagination, like the scene with an innocent camper that got abducted from her tent and sexualy used at a beautiful outdoors location.
Wired Pussy Updates
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Go instantly to bizarre update with lezdom pornstars Veronika, Audrey Leigh, shooted Sep. 17, 2004. WiredPussy toys like electric speculum gives female pussy a better feeling than ever before. Fucking in the both the pussy and ass with electric strap on makes you screaming forced orgasm addict in a minute!



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